Vulcanica #5 PetNat, Pivnica Cajkov


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Country: Slovakia

Region: Čajkov, Nitra Region

Type: Sparkling

Producer: Marek Uhnák

Grape:Pesecká Leánka & Pinot Gris

Bottle Size: 75cl

Vintage: 2020

Alcohol: 12.5%

A sparkling blend of two white grapes and vintages – Pesecká Leánka 2019 (3-9 days on skins) that spent 12 months in oak barrels and Pinot Gris 2018, fermented on skins for 2 weeks and aged for 20 months in oak barrels. The secondary fermentation was started with fresh Pesecká Leánka with the slow re-fermentation of the mature wine adding dimension and velvety bubbles. The wine has a complex fruit and salty taste from the volcanic tuff and fresh acidity making it a versatile wine to drink all year round, with food or without.

In Marek’s words it’s “wine without poses, which brings joy and happiness to your day. It is not a pet-nat, it is not a traditional method, it´s “methode untraditional” Not clarified, filtered nor mechanically stressed.

Low sulfur, Vegan

Čajkov village, the home of winemaker Marek Uhnák and his winery Pivnica Čajkov, is located in the Nitra wine region, within the volcanic Sitno terroir. Marek studied oenology at Mendel University, Lednice, Czech Republic and has 20+ years of winemaking under his belt. His journey started in conventional winemaking, but later, after realising that the true representation of the local terroir is through low intervention methods, he switched to natural winemaking processes and we are very thankful for that 🙂


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