Each year Rodenbach’s brewmaster, Rudi Ghequire, tastes through all the barrels that have been maturing for two years and chooses the “cask of the year”, which is then bottled as the limited-edition Rodenbach Vintage. Each new vintage of this mahogany-coloured Flanders Red Ale wins awards, in fact a couple of years ago Rodenbach Vintage was crowned World’s Best Sour Beer by the World Beer Awards.

The large French oak cask, or ‘foeder’, chosen for release in 2020 was Foeder Number 220, which was filled in 2018. This two-year-old beer is rounded and fruity with a delightful sour tang, as well as notes of crunchy apple, dark honey, caramel, oak, vanilla, cherry liqueur chocolates and liquorice. Built for sharing with family, friends and food; treat this as you might a bottle of fine wine.

Rodenbach is a legendary brewery located in West Flanders. Almost two centuries old, it’s now owned by Swinkels Family Brewers, a 300-year-old family business that also owns Palm. Rodenbach only produce sour, almost wine-like ales, and their brewery is home to 294 oak casks, some of which are over 150 years old.


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