IPA Tour Kviek, UnBarred Brewery


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The third beer in this year’s IPA tour is here!
Bursting with tropical aroma, accompanied with sticky grapefruit rind, aromatic citrus, and sweet pineapple from the combination of Amarillo, El Dorado & Idaho 7 hops.
Kveik is not a style but a farmhouse-style yeast strain. From the many Kveik variations, we have used Hornindal Kveik. A cleaner profile that accentuates hops and mouthfeel while also giving a very subtle farmhouse funk, orange peel and tangy citrus notes. A perfect workhorse for a juicy IPA.
The yeast we have used is a unique Norwegian farmstead “Kveik”. Hornindal brings tropical fruit flavours and a complex aroma that can present itself as stone fruit, pineapple, and dried fruit.


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