This is FANTOMA: a Nordic take on blanc vermouth, concocted in collaboration with friends and kindred spirits from Æblerov, Herbal Salvation and Weingut Meierer. 

FANTOMA is born into a diffuse and ghostly borderland, taking inspiration from a multitude of expressions of vermouth. Guided by the alchemy of Herbal Salvation, we gathered botanicals in the wild of our To Øl City home, and extracted these in a blend of white grain spirit and a Jura barrel-aged cider with free-run Riesling made with grapes from Weingut Meierer. This resulted in a sweet pale vermouth saturated with flavors of vinous fruit and honeysuckle, veiled in a herbaceous fog of mint, lemon verbena, wormwood, meadowsweet and candied orange peel to name a few. With a solid base sweetness, restrained bitterness and an other-worldly green hue, FANTOMA explores new frontiers of a vast wilderness of hybrid spirits.


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Fantoma Nordic Vermouth, Phantom Spirits


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