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6.2% ABV

Polly’s say:

‘The Hop Studio – Columbus IPA 6.2%

Through every iteration of our growth over the last demi-decade, one thing that has persisted throughout is this brewery’s love of hops, and how we’ve born an entire business that now looks after the livelihoods of fourteen team members from this love. The Hop Studio felt like a natural extension of this love – showcasing the single most complex, wonderfully diverse ingredient we use in our process bar none. A variety of which its origin is still unknown to this day, it’s widely agreed Columbus was first cultivated some time around the late 1970s, before entering commercial production shortly after. High on the alpha acids, this hop has found itself weaved throughout the journey of craft beer from its humble roots, to where we find ourselves today; a punchy, hoppy reminder of the heavily citrus-led C hops that started it all. Drawing inspiration from the kings of Columbus-hopped beers in the UK, we’ve imitated The Kernel’s use of this incredible stateside slammer in a straight up, no fuss IPA. A toast to where we’ve come from.’


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