Beer Lovers Table, Claire Bullen


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Winner of the BEST BOOK award by The North American Guild of Beer Writers (2019)

Craft beer is changing everything about how people drink – and it’s high time it was invited to the dinner table.

“The introductions to styles and pairings are detailed yet clear, and the authors work hard to speak to both beginners and connoisseurs by explaining basics using sophisticated language.”

The growth in craft beer is a full-blown phenomenon that is also making waves in the culinary sphere. Here, food writer and beer expert Claire Bullen answers the question: how do you successfully pair craft beer with food? Inside, 65 inspiring recipes – from cast-iron skillet pizza to harissa roast chicken – are matched with a diverse range of craft beers to enjoy with your meal. Soon you will see beer as not just a prelude to a meal, but rather as a drink that can work as well as wine when partnered with food.


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