2021 Jaaa-Bru! Blank Bottle


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Country: South Africa

Region: Western-Cape

Type: Red

Producer: Pieter Walser

Grape: Malbec

Bottle Size: 75cl

Vintage: 2021


The guy who farms this vineyard is way better than me at farming, and I don’t have to give a lot of input. Guys like him are absolutely crucial to my business. He is a fellow surfer and has this habit of answering his phone with: “Jaaaa Bru?”. It’s South African slang and basically means “Yes, my brother?”. 100% Malbec – It grows on a slope of the Helderberg Mountain – not facing the ocean, but rather facing Stellenbosch. Malbec is a strange-looking grape when it’s ripe. When we pick, it always looks unripe. The berries are soft and juicy and the flesh is green in colour. We ferment this wine without any stems and age it in older French Oak barrels for less than a year.  It produces a fresh and elegant, yet complex wine. The label: If you translate the word “Mal” from Afrikaans to English, it means “crazy” and “Bek” means “mouth”. And that was quite clearly the inspiration behind this label.

Vegan, Low Sulfur

Every one of Pieter’s wines is a story, rather than a grape variety, and it’s the juice inside the bottle which reveals that story. He doesn’t own any vines, but instead scours South Africa’s winelands for top-quality fruit that has somehow slipped under the radar, now sourcing from nearly 70 sites. Some years he’ll make 20 wines, other years 35. With the benefit of anonymity, variety and regional identity take a back seat while parcel expression does the driving.


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