Country: South Africa

Region: Wellington

Type: White

Producer: Pieter Walser

Grape: Chenin-Blanc, Riesling, Sauvignon-Blanc, Semillon

Bottle Size: 75cl

Vintage: 2016

Alcohol: 14%

This wine is a rare thing indeed, a bottle aged Rielsing blend that just sings from first sip to last sup. That oily kerosene Rielsing quality is backed up with refreshing lime with a richness and texture to the palate with hints of honey and baked apple. A delightful wine that never fails to deliver.

The Story:

‘Manon des Sources is a 1966 two-volume novel by Marcel Pagnol … I would never have known about the book if it wasn’t for my Swiss friend, Eric, who started calling our daughter, Alexa, Manon des Sources. Alexa and the main character look so alike: you see for the first six year’s of Alexa’s life she did not like to have any fabric in contact with her skin. So my mother-in-law started making these long dresses of very thin soft material. She would wear one dress for about 6 months (day and night) …. She also never combed her hair and never wore shoes. In short Alexa looked exactly like the lead actress in Manon des Sources.


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