Country: Czechia

Region: Mutěnice

Type: Skin Contact

Producer: Jaroslav Tesařík

Grape: St Laurent

Bottle Size: 75cl

Vintage: 2019

Alcohol: 12%

Named after one of the winemaker’s daughters and just as happy-go-lucky. Joyful, fruity rosé with a slight fizz and immense drinkability.

Dlúhé Grefty, which translates as long rows, is run by Jaroslav Tesařík and his family in Mutěnice. Looking after 2.5 hectares of vineyards, with 1.5 hectares producing wine. They work with old vines going back to 30-50 years and a vineyard plot that was planted in 1941 (80 years worth of history). All wines are kept on fine lees in barriques, lot of play on/with skins, unfiltered, unfined, SO2 only at bottling.


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