Country: France

Region: Savoie

Type: Red

Producer: D&D Berthollier

Grape: Mondeuse, Roussanne, Viognier

Bottle Size: 75cl

Vintage: 2019

Alcohol: 13.5%

As befits the Alpine grape variety Mondeuse, this is a characterful and distinctive red with a little wildnesss to it, a glorious perfume, a berry scent and slight bitter-sweet finish. Glowing purple, with the most glorious heady perfume – peonies and mulberries, violets and hibiscus juice, all sprinkled with crushed pink peppercorn, a soft tinge of peppery tree bark and gentle bittersweet finish with soft, chalky tannins. It firmly sits in the “natural wine” camp, with very low added SO2, and just the right amount of VA that brings such lift. Serve on the cool side, and guzzle away!

Organic, Low Sulfur, Vegan

Run by brothers Denis and Didier Berthollier, La Combe des Grand’Vignes have an unrelenting commitment to regenerative and organic farming. Appalled by Big Agriculture and the mega-corporation companies behind it who favour progress and increased production over environmental destruction, the brothers made a conscious decision to prioritise quality over quantity and working with nature rather dominating it. They are on a mission to produce wines that reflect the healthy soils of the land following on from their return to the farming ways of their grandfather Marius pre-Green Revolution. Like many estates in the area, their vineyard parcels are small and scattered across the steep hillside with only narrow paths for access.


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2019 Mondeuse ‘et ma goutte de….’, La Combe des Grand Vignes


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