Country: Greece

Region: Aegean Islands

Type: Orange/Skin Contact

Producer: Manolis Garalis

Grape: Muscat of Alexandria

Size: 75cl

Vintage: 2018

Alcohol: 12%

Terra Ambera refers to the orange sulphuric volcanic soil of Lemnos island, however this is also an orange wine of organic Muscat of Alexandria. Floral textbook Muscat on the nose but this has more depth. Zesty and seductive with light tannins and round acid. Slight oxidative nuances, and a round and sharp palate with generous fruit.

Organic, Low sulfur, Vegan

Manolis Garalis is a third-generation viticulturist. With an ambition to see his high-quality organic grapes turned into first-class wine, he launched his winery in 2006 and released his first wines in 2007. He cultivates Lemnos’ indigenous varietals, Limnio and Muscat of Alexandria, over 5 hectares of certified organic sulphuric volcanic soil. Garalis’ approach is minimal intervention without any addition of yeasts or other additives, in order to express this unique island terroir in its purest form. Limnio is the oldest referenced grape in the world, mentioned by Homer, Aristotle and other ancient Greek authors as “Limnia Ampelos” and has been on the island for thousands of years. Muscat of Alexandria has become the main grape since the 1920s when brought by Lemnian immigrants from Egypt.


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