Country: Czech Republic

Region: Moravia

Type: Skin Contact White

Producer: Richard Stávek

Grape: Chardonnay

Bottle Size: 75cl

Vintage: 2018

Alcohol: 12.8%


100% Chardonnay, which has spent two weeks on skins has a lovely, ripe apricoty colour. The nose is full of yellow peaches, ripe apricots, yellow plums and a touch of spice. On the palate, it has a softness and suppleness to it with that gentle grip from the skin contact. So full of flavour, energy and vibrancy!


Organic, Vegan, Low Sulfur


Richard Stávek is one of the true pioneers of natural winemaking in Moravia. His cellars and vineyards are in and around a small town called Němčičky. He began making wine in the mid 1990’s. Richard is a constant tinkerer and farmer of all sorts and believes strongly in a holistic approach to his relation with the land.

He oversees 15 hectares of land, with 4.5 hectares dedicated to grape vines featuring some little known indigenous grape varieties. Richard take the concept of terroir to another level by using acacia wood from his own forest to make barrels for elévage of some of his wines. Most of his wines are field blends. In the winery, the focus is on traditional practices, treading barefoot, inclusion of whole bunches, fermentation in wooden vats, gravity racking, very limited or no use of sulphur dioxide.


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2018 Chardonnay, Richard Stavek


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