Country: Slovakia

Region: Levice

Type: Red

Producer: Ján Svetík

Grape: Alibernet 

Bottle Size: 75cl

Vintage: 2015

Alcohol: 13%

Alibernet grapes [local crossbreed of Alicante Bouschet and Cabernet Sauvignon] from 10 years old vineyard, altitude around 250 m.a.s.l. with bedrock of tuffs were hand harvested, crushed and let to spontaneously ferment in open vat and on skins for circa 3 weeks. Wine then matured 7 months in old oak barrel after which it was transported to stainless steel vat for slow ageing. Bottled in 2018 – gravitation only. 2015 was rather hot vintage producing ripe wines great for immediate drinking. Janny doesn’t recommend long ageing of this vintage.

Red wine wine with dark red colour, medium tannins and full body. One the nose you get dark berry fruits, sour cherries and hints of dark squashed mulberries. There is a touch of spice and oak with fantastic minerality as you would expect from the volcanic soils. 

Vegan, low sulfur

Janny’s rustic approach to winemaking, using just hands and time in his cellars (no fancy new machines and processes), combined with the high minerality of the volcanic soils, creates beautiful wines full of flavour, depth and refreshing levels of acidity.

Oh and the labels! Time is very important (or unimportant??) to Janny. He doesn’t rush anything, leaving as much as time as the wine needs to develop to its full potential – it could be year, it could be 10. In his cellar you can find full barrels of red wine from 2009 still resting and waiting for just the right time. The labels shows how the time passes. Stroke by stroke.


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