New Website, Juggernauts and Events

We’ve got a new website

If you are reading this, you are probably already aware that our website looks a little different. That is because it is new, and we hope that you like it. The new site has been something that has been coming for some time as we needed to create a more user-friendly ecommerce site that could help us grow and develop our online business.

To celebrate the launch of the new site we are offering 10% off your first order when you set up a user account. Some of you may not want to register but you’d be missing out on some great benefits if you don’t. Not only will you miss out on the aforementioned 10% discount, but we are also giving reward points on every purchase that can be used to get money off future orders. You will also receive a personal discount code to use on your birthday each year to help you celebrate. The site will also save your payment info making it easier to complete purchases.

I would love to hear your feedback on the new site, anything you think is missing or could be improved so that we can help make your online shopping experience better.

Juggernauts monthly subscriptions

One thing that we have wanted to introduce but had not been able to is a monthly subscription service. Yes, I know that you are probably sick of being bombarded with these, and I could say that this one is different, and I will because it is different because it is from me. You know the drill, a selection of craft beer or natural wine (or both) hand picked by me for you to enjoy each month. I also want to create a bit of an online community around our subscriptions and will be creating a private Facebook group where you can discuss your beer and wine online sharing photos and your reviews and thoughts on what was inside. This will assist me as well in creating better selections each month and as the boxes may also include items that we do not stock in the shop you will also influence what we stock here at Bottle & Jug.

The boxes will be available from July with the first ones going out in August. This gives you plenty of time to cancel all those other subscriptions with inferior less caring businesses who just send you a bunch of shelf turds they couldn’t sell to anyone else. I will also be offering these at a discounted price for the remainder of the year. That means you can get the beer box for £44.95, the wine box for £54.95 or both for £94.95 on top of the already discounted items inside. You will be totally in control of your subscription and able to pause it as you please, plus you will also earn reward points on your subscriptions to use on the site. So much generosity, you don’t get that with all those faceless slick beer companies with huge marketing budgets.

I’d love to hear from you if you are interested in being one of our “Juggernauts” (yep that is what I am calling it, who doesn’t want to be a Juggernaut) so please drop me an email at and I will let you know when the service is going live as numbers will be limited to begin with and it would be fantastic to get an idea of interest.

Bottle & Jug Events

As you know I love to host events here at the shop and it is something that I have missed hugely over the past year or so. I am back with some small intimate tastings which I am calling “Bottle & Jug After Hours” and the latest one is live and will be happening on the 10th July. We will be drinking wines from the awesome Czech winery Dlúhé Grefty and generally having a nice time. If you want to join in get your tickets here, but be quick as it is limited to just 6 people.

Something else I have wanted to do is a regular bottle share night at the shop. If you are anything like me you have probably got a load of bottles of delicious beer that you have been saving for no particular reason other than it is pretty. I would like to get some people together to drink said beer, and whatever else people want to bring along and just have a laugh. If you would be interested in joining a bottle share group at the shop then drop me an email and I will get the ball rolling.



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